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Imagine...an English course that has an effective plan and purpose!
Observe...the mastery of writing essays and reports!
Watch...grammar and editing skills improve!
Rejoice...in the sharpening of written communication skills!

Here is another Bible-based textbook that contains such a natural way to learn writing, your student will master intermediate to advanced essays and research reports with truly wonderful results! Prior mastery of ENGLISH GRADE 7 or ESSAYS AND RESEARCH REPORTS, LEVEL A is strongly suggested.

"I wanted to also give you my highest praise for this book. In just the few pages that my daughter completed, when she went to take the practice GED test she scored the highest possible score on her essay. The teacher said she had never read a better essay. So thank you for a wonderful product!"
Lyn, Home School Mom of Four

This hands-on, consumable textbook cleverly teaches how to prepare and write persuasive essays and formal research reports from Bible-honoring assigned topics. Each day contains skillfully prepared questions or instructions to facilitate the writing process. Interspersed writing tips, grammar instruction, and practice sections also introduce new concepts that facilitate the growth and maturation of writing skills. For the research reports, your student will study the people, government, historical events, policies, decisions, and more that shaped individual countries. The research text for two countries is included; library research is required for the third country. Your student will also acquire SAT/ACT essay writing skills.

"This is such a natural way to learn writing!"
Darla Freeman, The Honey Tree

(For students in grades 7-12)


  • Textbook
  • 185 Lessons
  • Daily lesson plan schedules
  • Easy teacher instructions
  • Helpful student instructions
  • Practice exercises
  • Answers for textbook
  • Correcting instructions
  • Editing instructions
  • Editing charts
  • Grading charts
  • Grading instructions
  • Tests
  • Answers for tests

All contents are spiral bound in one book.

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