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The Happy Home School Magazine!

Our magazine is exclusively for Christian stay-at-home mothers whose full/part time work is the homeschooling of their children. It is only a one year subscription. As there are no follow on editions, we filled one year with our most expert homeschool advice.

Each article is copyrighted, registered, and deposited at the United States Copyright Office in Washington DC.

We do vet each subscription request and reserve the right to refuse granting subscriptions to these categories:

  • Homeschool bloggers
  • Book and textbook authors
  • Other publishers, their employees, and volunteers
  • Education institutions, their employees, and volunteers
  • Homeschool group/organization members or leaders who write or publish articles for their groups/organizations

If you fit one of these categories, please do not purchase a subscription request.

Thank You!

Subscription Details:

  • One year subscription - 12 Issues
  • On-line publication containing over 200 articles!
  • Fun printable family and homeschool projects
  • New issue the beginning of each month
  • Viewable each day of the month

One Year Magazine Subscription: $24.00

When we have completed processing your subscription,
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